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How To Do A Kamehameha!

Okay, now the secret is about to be revealed, how to do a Kamehameha. Kamehameha is used to be Master Roshi's trademark move, however, since Master Roshi doesn't participate in battles anymore, this trademark move now belongs to Gokou. Master Roshi did a demonstration of a Kamehameha, and Gokou picked up this special technique straight away. So how do you 'use' a Kamehameha? Read on to find out the secret! Or download the "How To Do A Kamehameha" video by clicking on the download link below.

Click here to download the


Have one arm up high and the other arm low, and call out "Ka!"


Now move the upper arm down and the lower arm up
until the two arms are spread apart.
While moving your arms, call out "Me!"


Straighten your arms and bring them infront of you.
Place the bottom palm of your hands together, and call out "Ha!"


Now bring the arms back to the side of your waist (either left and right is fine)
Leaving the hands opend up and the palms stay touched.
Call out "Me!"


Power is charged up with within the palm of your hands
When it's fully charged, call out "Ha!" and fire it at the opponent.